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Posted by Darcy on Friday Jan 23, 2015 Under Game Room

Many people are wondering: what is the best OLED TV for gaming? Let’s start by examining what makes OLED TVs so exceptional. LED TVs work much in the same way that LCD TVS work, with the notable exception that LED TVs use energy efficient lights to light up the screen. You see LCD and LED TVs require a separate lighting source inside the TV to light up the screen. This results in great color, but somewhat whitewashed “blacks” on the screen. The extra lighting source also means that the LED TVs are not as slim as they could be.

Enter OLED. OLED uses technology that does not require an extra lighting source. The electric current alone is enough to light up the screen. This means that you still get vibrant colors, but the “black” on the screen will be much better and darker. Also the TV itself can be slimmer without the extra lighting elements, and also less electricity consumption than an LED TV.

OLED TVs are completely devoid of blurring. They are extremely quick, much more responsive than a LED or Plasma TV.

So which 1440P 120Hz Slim IPS panel widescreen OLED TV is the best for gamers in 2016?

LG’s EM9600 OLED TV is a great choice. It is an incredible 4mm thick! It comes equipped with Wi-Fi and a dual core processor and Smart TV built in. This means you will be able to connect to the internet with this TV and browse the internet or use Netflix or whatever your heart desires. Weighing only 7.5 kg this TV is truly a monster in a small package.

Samsung’s S9C series of OLED TVs offer a similar option with a few differences. For one it is 7.5 mm thick, which is almost twice as think as the LG model but is still exceptionally slim. It is produced from a single piece of glass and uses what Samsung calls “super OLED”. The difference between LG’s OLED and Samsung’s OLED is more technical than noticeable. LG has added a 4th color (white) to the traditional trio of Red Green Blue and also they have added a color filter for additional clarity. Samsung claims their Super OLED technology produces better clarity because it doesn’t need a filter, but the truth is both are very clear.

Samsung’s OLED TVS come with a host of voice control options for you to explore and play with.

Both options have 3D capabilities and offer full HD as well. Both options have a separate connection box so as not to add unnecessary thickness to the super slim technology.

Other companies that offer a similar OLED TV are Toshiba, Panasonic and Sharp.

If money is not an issue then the best OLED TV to get is the new LG Curved OLED TV. It comes in various sizes, the 55 inch version will cost $3000 or more. The curved screen is great for people who are sitting 4 – 6 feet away from the TV. The screen curves slightly to give you a feeling of being immersed in the environment. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option the Toshiba and Samsung options are available at 50” for about $800 and both will give you the sharp clarity and great performance you are looking for.

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Invest in the Best 5.1 Gaming Speaker System

Posted by Darcy on Sunday Dec 14, 2014 Under Game Room

The gaming technology has really evolved, making video games more realistic and immersive. In the recent past, we used to have beeps as the only gaming sound. A gamer only required one or two plastic stereo speakers, which were enough for any gaming requirements. No one could have thought that modern games would evolve and eventually support surround sound systems. Additionally, modern games are now built to accommodate 5.1 surround sound systems. Is this not good news to gaming enthusiasts? As much as it is good news, the advancement has tasked video gamers with the need to upgrade from 2.1 to 5.1 gaming speakers if and only if they need a deeper gaming immersion.

Why You Need a Solid Sound System Hooked Up To Your Gaming Console or Computer

One of the hidden secrets to the best experience in gaming is acoustics. The way you are able to hear and feel the effect of gaming sounds dictates the kind of gaming experience you’ll have. A good investment should be in a surround sound system as most modern games support surround sound. With surround sound in gaming, you’ll be able to hear everything, whether behind you or to the sides of you. The idea of being able to hear in multiple directions brings in realism into the gameplay.

Want to experience your games like never before? Throw a nice budget towards your gaming sound systems. Similarly, allocate a good slice of your time to the process of searching for the best gaming speakers. So, if your goal is to create an ultimate gaming throne, you should definitely consider acquiring the best 5.1 gaming speakers for your throne.

The Best Gaming Speakers

If you were to go to the market today, which gaming speakers would you consider the best? Would you go for the most expensive? Not necessarily. When it comes to choosing gaming speakers, there is more than just money at play. You can find very good speakers for gaming in all price ranges. It’s a matter of how smart you do your search.

5.1 surround sound systems are the current industry standard for a standard room. These systems are the most recommended to video gamers. You might be wondering what the number 5.1 means. Simply, this number is a count of the number of speakers in the surround sound setup. The setup consists of 5 speakers and a subwoofer (represented by the .1). The 5 speakers are categorized into three, that is;

– 1 Center Channel speaker, which dominates the sound production for the main sound track such as dialogues.

– 2 Front Channel speakers for left and right audio tracks. These speakers are responsible for bringing out secondary sound effects such as tire screeching, blasts, explosions, etc.

– 2 Rear Channel speakers for left and right sound tracks. These speakers are responsible for producing background sounds such as engine idling, person yelling, etc.

In conclusion, the 5.1 speaker system is not exclusively meant for gaming. The system can also be used for other household entertainment purposes, i.e. you can listen to music or watch movies using your gaming speakers. A good place to do your search for these high-end gaming sound solutions is Amazon. Consider having a 5.1 gaming speaker system with incredible sound for an affordable price.

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